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maryland actually could make history if question six passes. it would allow same sex couples to marry. opponents collected enough signatures to force a ballot on the referendum. and today the president congratulated his rival mitt romney on a spirited campaign in his hometown of chicago the president visited a campaign office to thank volunteers. meanwhile, governor romney is making a final puck for votes. he'll return to massachusetts -- push for votes. he'll return to massachusetts later tonight.
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weather-wise, we continue to see a chilly night for voters out there. definitely looking at a chill in the air, so chris warm. wind chill factor in the mid-30 nhl spots. little warmer on the eastern shore, 41, but that's not exactly warm. and coastal flood concerns on the eastle shore already. for tomorrow, these are warnings and advisories up and down the coast. that's where the high effort impacts will be from this -- highest impacts will be from this nor'easter. around here in maryland, gusts from 35 to 40. here is the storm coming up the coast, out of the carolinas. going to make its push into our state tomorrow afternoon, primarily, do tomorrow night. but for now, quiet on the range, as we get the vote out. we'll have much more coming up. here comes another storm, but it's been more than a week since superstorm sandy slammed the east coast with terrifying
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force. >> people are trying to find a place to eat and stay warm, and on this election day, how they'll be able to vote. >> reporter: 8 days after hurricane sandy, still no power or eat, thousands are bracing for freezing cold temperatures. this staten island man wonders how he will survive in the bitter cold. >> i know the cold weather is coming, and we are concerned about that. >> reporter: shelters are set up across the new york tristate area. clothes, food,ing and blankets are being handed out to those in need. many are thankful to have escaped with their lives. >> we're alive, my whole family is alive, and god will get us through this. >> reporter: the u.s. marines have stepped in, helping out with the cleanup. abc has also done it part, raising almost $17 million and rising for its day of giving fund-raiser. some say getting the power back on is taking too long. >> i am angry, to say that i am
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frustrated, disappointed would be the understatement of the decade. >> reporter: long lines of cars still wrap around gas stations waiting for fuel, and on this election day, people are lining up at make shift polls to vote. in new jersey, hundreds of thousands are without power, and now have to find a way to cast their ballot. governor chris christie has tried to make that easier by allowing them to vote by fax or e-mail. >> i think you have a lot of things on the plate in your life, butt it's a national election. -- but it's a national election. governor como has order had that anyone be able to vote in any polls area across the state. well, here at home we're hearing it's taking anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours to cast that vote. >> let's head to the polls to check in on the afterwork rush with our jeff hager who is at barton middle school. >> reporter: it's really
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starting to pick up. they told us the first two hours they were opened this morning, the wait was about an hour, they didn't see a big lunch crowd. but now people are getting off work and starting to make their way over here. they are also accepting people that usualry go to stone lake cafeteria, because they have renovations coming on. that caused some confusion here earlier this morning. we understand some stood in line erroneously before they would get up to the front and then have to go over to the other to start their balloting. this is stonely's precinct. you can see there are a number of people in line. we understand about a half an hour wait right now. we're told by 6:00 both of these precincts here at the middle school will have at least 50% of the people who are normally eligible to vote here would have already cast
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ballots. that's out some 4700 total voters that would come here. half of them within a half hour will have voted, and that's not including anyone who went out and did the early voting, which they said they have no measure of, at least not here in front of them. we mentioned earlier that girl scout troop, we understand they're from stone lake. they were so excited that we gave them a plug earlier. look at this stuff. a little hot chocolate out here on a cold night. ask that's not it. -- and that's not it. they have melted now. so when you thought you were sending me out on a tough detail, not when the girl scouts were around. back to you. >> all right, thanks a lot, jeff. >> did he just wink at you? >> i think he did, huh? folks lined up to cast their ballots and delaware, including vice president joe biden and his wife jill.
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>> i would let the vice president is ahead of me. >> i think i would, too. long lines in st. louis this morning. one of the most watched races. two who are running for the house. >> night long, we'll have live election results on air and on- line. especially the local races. we'll break it down for you. all you have have to do to get all of this information is head to an apple a day keeps the doctor away. >> but could it also be the key to fighting breast cancer? how scientists are using fruits and veggies in the race to save lives. >> and we'll look at how the swing states are leaning right now. if you have high blood pressure and get a cold
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get coricidin hbp. the number one pharmacist recommended cold brand designed for people with high blood pressure. and the only one i use to relieve my cold symptoms coricidin hbp.
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we eat foods every day designed to make us healthier. but what if you could eat an apple that was specifically designed to stop cancer? linda shows us it's an idea that may not be too far off. >> reporter: sherrill said her battle with breast cancer has changed her perspective on many things, including her diet.
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instead of doing what is easy at meal time, she now does what is best. >> proper way to cook, what to eat, what not to eat, just different recipes, things to eat to try to keep your meals interesting. >> reporter: she often eats foods from this garden, one planted and maintained by cancer patients just like her. it was an idea from dr. steven clinton who said these two acres yield just as many life lessons as fresh foods. >> an experience with cancer can be turned into a very teachable moment. it's a time when forecasts really do reevaluate their lifestyle, diet and nutrition. >> hoping to capitalize, there clinten is using this garden to dress to cancer patients the importance of fruits and vegetables, and if he has his way, these foods will soon be engineered to to be highly concentrated cancer fighters. >> we wants to create the fruit or vegetable that has the most possible anticancer activity. is.
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so dr. clinton is working with scientists to cross breed food with potent nutrients, like tomatoes with extra lupotene to fight prostate cancer. the idea is to take the best of what grows here, and to make it even more potent. >> every step of the way, from the farmer's gate to the consumer's plate is an area for research with our agricultural scientists. >> researchers say it may be a few years before they per february a cancer-fighting variety of is some of these foods. for more on this and other interesting health topics, log on to we have all of the news to keep you and your family healthy. four more years, or will we have a new family in the white house? coming up, we'll have a report on how the candidates are feeling about their chances
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this hour. and how you can avoid overspending on the holidays this year, and even make some money before you begin gift shopping. and the sky valley lodge. man, they're digging out out there. how about snow around baltimore? central maryland, even the shore? we have those details coming up.
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42 degrees right now. winds are east-northeast at 8. big chill in the air, and yes, that sunset at 5:00 p.m. sharp, meaning our sunset is about to go pre5:00, yeah, the dark ages, so to speak. winds from the east right now,
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bringing in a chilly flow off the atlantic and the bay, and that's going to be the case the rest of this election night. dress warm if you still have that trip to the polls planned. wind chill factor for that line out is the door. that chill will be ever present, as we feel the wind chill factor in the upper 30s right now. look at the satellite. you can already see some clouds edging in out of the south. this is the leading edge of our developing nor'easter, which is still well south of us down off the carolina coast. going to begin to have a more significant effect around here after our election evening. right now it's still forming and developing here well off north carolina, couple of hundred miles out at see, but this thing will make a closer approach through the day tomorrow, into tomorrow night, and won't really get out of here until early thursday morning. so both your evening commute tomorrow night, and your morning commute on thursday on
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the roads, could be impacted. keep that in mind. it's not out of the question we could see some school delays or eastern early letouts tomorrow afternoon, but especially i think thursday morning could be some delays. going to be a lot of winds remaining in the wake of this thing as we go into the day on thursday. still a very windy, very cold weather scenario. so let's look at that future trend, and look at that setup timing-wise. this thing will continue to move itself up the coast, and as we go forward here, you can see as we push into tomorrow, here we go. we're stopping here at 2:00. rain already pushing up through the south. this is actually the demarcation line, where we begin to see wet snow mixing in as early as 2:00, 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. better chances as we push toward that early sunset at 5:00, and still wrap around mixed precipitation from
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hagerstown to baltimore, and then we get more of a rain mixed with snow scenario on the eastern shore. there will be a lot of wind and coastal surge in these beaches where there is almost no dune left to protect those areas. so so it's an unwelcome storm. i think the totals will be under an inch from bellaire, down to baltimore and d.c., but you have to remember, part of this will come in the form of frozen precipitation, rain, and rain and snow and, and i think we're going to finish out with shower is on the back side. it will stick best to things like car tops, grassy surfaces. the roads should be generally above freezing during the day, at least. mixed showers going over to snowshowers, late tomorrow afternoon, into tomorrow evening. we'll put the top end of this at about an inch. wet snow scenario with rain ahead of it, so that will men
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hold the totals down, too. a lot of that snow just kind of melts on contact. 7-day forecast, things clear out. a dramatic improvement in the weather for the weekend, but we've been riding a taste of december here the last week with the air temperatures, now more of a winter type nor'easter. it is what it is, but it's all come in the wake of sandy. >> in the wake of sandy. >> wake of sandy that changed our pattern big-time. >> how long did it take you to vote today? >> about 30 minutes. >> an hour. >> an hour? 30 minutes. the poll workers said i finished second in the amounted of time. i finished second to an 89-year- old woman. i knew what i was doing, for the silver. some of you took no time at all, but people were not breezing through here in southeast baltimore today. it was a slow go, kelly. >> a lot of issues to go
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through. we have been checking in on the latest on the presidential election all over the country. we have a report now from chicago, the site of president obama's election party. what are you hearing? i know the president had a meeting with poll workers today, playing in a basketball game tonight. what's it like there? >> reporter: so, kelly, yeah, it seems like he's up to quite a bit today, even though he's not doing that official campaigning, but we did just hear from the white house, that president ops's daughters are flying here to -- president obama's daughters are flying here to chicago after school. there will be thousands of president obama supporters that will be watching the results come in real-time. you mentioned that the president was up to quite a bit today. you mentioned the basketball game, but he was also do something satellite interviews with affiliates in key battle ground states, and then stopped by the chicago field office here in town and picked up the phone, called some voters, and
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then he had this to say. >> i'm looking forward to the results, and i expect that we'll have a good night, but no matter what happens, i just want to say how much i appreciate everybody who supported me, everybody who has worked so hard on my behalf, and, again, i want to congratulate governor romney and his team for a hard-fought race, as well. >> reporter: and, kelly, team obama has also been saying throughout the day that they feel calm about this, and they're readied to go. >> governor romney also on the campaign trail getting a couple of last-minute stops in as he finishes up. >> reporter: yeah, and in fact he's now wheels down in boston, massachusetts. that's where his campaign headquarters party will be tonight, but before that, he was on airplane with reporters, saying he has only written a victory speech. he didn't worry about the other one, and said he news regrets with his campaign so far, but he's had quite a busy day. this is governor romney and his
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wife, an romney, appearing in massachusetts, and then later in ohio and pennsylvania. and here is what he had to say. >> i believe what you're going to see with the vote tonight is opening a door to a better tomorrow, and we're going to walk through and make sure that america has a bright and prosperious future. so thank you. >> reporter: and mitt romney plans to watch those results come? at a hotel with family and -- come in at a hotel with family and friends. >> all right. thank you, and we'll all be watching tonight. not many can say today was their first time voting every, but austin can. >> it's actually really nice. first-time voting, first time i actually get to be involved inside the presidential election, like i've been talking about it a lot. the first time we've actually talked to people and just gotten in the debate. so it's nice to see people coming here to is vote, especially after the hurricane.
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>> italy anded to take the voting monday -- complicated to take the voting plunge when there were many ballots -- many questions are on the ballot. coming up, it was the deciding factor in our 2000 election, and it's expected to be a key battleground state this year. we're going to head to florida where voters are also waiting in line at the polls, and president obama looks a lot older than he did four years ago. what doctors say about the office of the presidency and aging. now here is a preview of what's ahead on world news tonight. >> dianne saw reports live with all of the breaking new details from inside the campaigns on a special world news with dianne sawyer, is and then don't miss abc election night 2012.
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the start of the holiday shopping season, black friday, will be just around the corner, and we're working with you to help find extra cash in your budget twin now and black friday. first of all, quit playing for text messages and potentially overage fees with a texting app, and the average house hold has about $300 of unused gift cards. an on-line gift card exchange won't give you the full value of the card, but it's better than nothing. and finally, adjust your honor tax with holding instead of waiting for the usual fat refund in the spring. >> that's your money. that's money that of course the government is giving back to you in the spring, but why let
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the irs hold on to that all year long. you can be saving that money, or spending it on worthwhile ventures, such as holiday gifts. >> you can just file a new w-4 form with your employer. changes take effect on your next paycheck, and could put hundreds if your bank account over the next two months. and can you know believe this? a hot commodity up in new york and new jersey, in the afterfact of sandy, some people are cashing in, selling gas. craig's list, we found one, somebody was selling gas for $30 a gallon. are you kidding me? the average price of gas in new york is now $3.95 a gallon, $3.62 in new jersey. price gouging is illegal in both states, and an investigation is being started after receiving numerous complaints. we continue to track the
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election on abc 2 news at 6:00, which starts right now. all right. how long did you have to wait to cast your vote today? the lengthy lines voters are facing right here in baltimore. >> it's one of the biggest issues on the ballot, same-six major. what the governor is saying. and now it all comes down to this. how the candidates are spending election day. but first, looks like another weather system could be heading our way. >> good weather to finish up the voting this evening opinion chilly, though. put on an extra layer. wind chill factor in the 30s. however, what we're watching with great interest is this developing nor'easter centered off charleston, south carolina, moving up to north carolina. large system here, and this thing will be making a very close run through the day tomorrow, and
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